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Struggling with difficulties both at work and at home, I needed to stop my destructive thinking. I sat down with transition coach, Thomas Scally and in one hour I was transformed.

Tom immediately identified the genesis of my pain and frustration and offered actionable steps for change and healing. One hour seems like too little time to accomplish anything, but I left feeling renewed and determined to implement Tom’s recommendations and professional advice.

Tom provided the mirror I needed through which I saw how my attitudes and behavior were leading me down a destructive path. He then helped me consider more effective ways to overcome my challenges.

I highly recommend Tom for anyone experiencing any kind of transition or difficulty with relationships and work.


DES HAGUE, CEO of Aegis Enterprise

Working with Tom has helped transform my business and transcend my thinking.

His counsel and approach have been a pivotal component of developing a sustainable and winning formula.

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MARGARETHA H., Real Estate Broker

His listening skills are unmatched. He can hone in on what the real issue is at hand.

I wouldn't be where I am today without my time spent with Tom. His teaching is invaluable to anyone who wants to improve their situation.

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GREG CASTANO, Chief Executive Officer

I was recently laid off from a job I had for 25 years. I partnered with Tom with the hopes of landing on my feet again. With a refreshed sense of motivation and a clear understanding of where I was starting my new life, I began to notice incremental growth on both a personal and opportunity level.

I worked with Tom for 6 months and now have started a new job with a start-up company I am CEO of NewsDirect.

DYLIA SHEEHAN, Intercultural Program Consultant at Cartus Intercultural & Language Solutions

My boss came up to me and said she noticed something different about me but couldn't put a finger on it, it was the greatest compliment.

Working with Tom has boosted my confidence and self-esteem and has given me the tools to overcome my challenges!

RUSSEL ALBIER, Entrepreneur

He is one of the most skilled and intuitive coaches around. I strongly recommend Tom to anyone looking to take their lives to the next level.

PAUL SOLEY, Managing Director Curzon Real Estate

Tom's approach is very different and I was not sure it was going to help me get where I wanted to go. Sometimes problems can be solved by principles not only by linear way of thinking.

I experienced this while working with Tom and he helped me transition from working for a company to starting my own.

Jean Hunt

JEAN HUNT, Curzon Real Estate

Tom has an awareness, focus and energy which - to put in layman terms - is contagious!

Time spent with him can’t help but increase one’s ability to live as positive and productive a life as possible.

I thank him for supplying me with tools to move my life forward in ways I didn’t think possible.


Before I met Tom, I was scattered all over the place. I was in transition from my job and marriage.

Tom got me grounded, so I can see things that were not obvious to me. His system gets you back on track while learning about your environment and ways to improve it.

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GREG ROMAN, Senior Art Director of Sigma Group New Jersey

It was truly helpful, inspiring, and life-changing.