Stuck in the survival mode

Claudine - divorced entrepreneur, mother of 3 teenage girls


Claudine is a recently divorced entrepreneur, mother of 3 teenage girls who are overwhelmed with the thoughts of where her life was heading. She felt she had no control and was on an emotional rollercoaster for the past year and wanted off.

Claudine always had a problem with making decisions and asking her clients' uncomfortable questions about money. She had no boundaries when it came to business and her self esteem was taking a hit. She was very much in survival mode and had plenty of reasons to be stressed out.

Claudine had great qualities she took for granted. Her communication skills were impeccable one of the best in present listeners I have met, knew exactly what she wanted, had perseverance, and amongst other things had a lot of charisma.

One life event can change how you feel about yourself and when this happens you begin second-guessing yourself and have self-doubt in all areas of your life and if you don’t catch this cycle it can lead to far more serious issues. Claudine reached out to me after receiving one of my emails on burnout.

Claudine’s symptoms:
- Feeling of overwhelmed
- Apathetic
- Irritability
- Rushing for outcomes, impatient to see results
- Frustrated

- Sleep problems
- Imbalanced
- Gap in execution
- Very strong limiting beliefs
- Good person/bad breaks


- Establish more consistency in career
- Overcome the fear of the unknown
- Establish a healthy relationship
- Adjust morning routine

- Initiate the get back on Track program
- Balance the 4 pillars of Wellbeing
- Trust instincts
- Incorporate new practices
- Develop awareness

Claudine and I worked together for 10 months and still keep in touch today. Our biggest hurdle we overcame was identifying the patterns of thought that were keeping her stuck and sapping her self esteem. Understanding allows you to identify then choose how you react. Creating this separation gave Claudine greater capacity to respond to situations and not react.


In her own words:

"Good things:

1. I am moving into my new house this week. Once you and I spoke about how I had made the decision to move into this new house, I felt a freedom and joy in the potential of creating a new home. All the things that i "need" have shown up effortlessly (friends and opportunities showing up)

2. Amidst the chaos of moving (which I'm actually enjoying vs stressing out) my work has been very productive (Lillian august ordered 40 pillows! however, I didn't ask for the deposit yet to the owner; I will after the delivery later this month)

3. I feel more clear-minded and energized with work and much more efficiently (so I have more room for play, but ironically, my workload has been a pleasurable activity) but most importantly I am living more presently and at the moment

4. Still working daily with A Course in Miracles; I'm shifting

5. I've eliminated mindless distractions (a blinding desire that is not healthy for me that I've had for 3 years is dissipating, freeing my mind up for more creative and productive thoughts and activities that yield joy and income!)"

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