Tom's story

Tom Scally life coach

I am a hybrid; I mentor new parents, do life coaching for executives, and train teams to create the conditions necessary for them to excel.

I created a flexible training program - a systematic, holistic approach to improve performance and realize your potential without stress. You need to know the components of life before you can change it, and here is where I immersed myself in the studies and practices by world-renown teacher Del Pe and other very talented teachers and over the past ten years created a system of sustainability. Then I began to improve the way I lived my life and approach to my career. And the critical part? It was sustainable. I feel this way ever since. wasn't always like this. I relied on self-help books, going to every new seminar listening to all of the motivational speakers. I tried everything to make any change stick, but it wasn’t long before I went back to the old way of doing and thinking. This was very frustrating, but I learned to expect it and settled for the status quo, putting up with the emotional roller coaster.

After going to an energy anatomy seminar in the fall of 2012, I decided to attend The Science of Human Power development by Master DelPe. 

When I began my 3-year journey at the MDP school studying Human Power Development. It resonated with me. This spurred my curiosity even further, and I started training with Del Pe, one on one. Things began to shift for me after I stopped resisting everything, I thought I knew. I immersed myself in the studies of eastern philosophy proven methods to spread out over 1000 years with western practicality, which is taking action. This combination leads to inspiration, and nothing seemed hard to learn, and I was on fire to keep going.

Here is the big difference between everything I learned up until that point, the training I relied on working in the corporate world and any other improvement approach I took on my own, including books, did not build sustainability; it didn't last. They relied on strategy and skills important, yes, sustainable no. So this left me frustrated most of the time, and I developed limiting beliefs of what I was capable of accomplishing. But what I learned over the next 7 years and still do today is the importance of your approach. " Good health is not only the absence of physical ailments, but how you are mentally emotionally, physically, and spiritual wellbeing is." Del Pe

Through the years and apprenticing myself to other enormously talented teachers, I learned many active principles but observed most do not lead to sustainable change. But then I started to discover the common thread of 5 fundamental principles that guide to sustainability, and I use them as a Key performance indicator for my clients' wellbeing.

And now I train different organizations, executives and individuals to maximize their potential, I help them get back control of their personal and professional life, find the right balance, and generally be more satisfied with who they are.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make! When was the last time you invested in yourself? Isn’t it time you tried a proven method for success?

My Specialties:

  • Build unshakeable confidence
  • Develop a self-esteem-improving quality of life
  • A clearer understanding of events circumstances and how to approach them with positive outcomes
  • Learn how to utilize revitalize and rejuvenate your energy
  • Learn the symptoms of stress and how to overcome it
  • Improve your relationships
  • Find out what's getting squeezed in your life
  • Become dynamic and healthy