Life coaching case studies

I help you land on your feet again by partnering with you as you navigate the unknown and bring back into balance your mind, body, and emotions. Together we can determine what you want to be different in your life while gaining clarity on who you are today.  

Duration: 3 months

- More engaged at work and home
- More charismatic and aware of nonverbal communication. Challenged by past assumptions but overcame them with new applied tactical approach very big win here.
- Sleeping patterns changed and he became more effective increasing his vitality which leads to lead his team more effectively
- Productivity increased, understands the audience differently, perception expanded, and perspectives changed.

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Duration: 10 months  

"I feel more clear-minded and energized with work and much more efficiently (so I have more room for play, but ironically, my workload has been a pleasurable activity) but most importantly I am living more presently and at the moment.

I am moving into my new house this week. Once you and I spoke about how I had made the decision to move into this new house, I felt a freedom and joy in the potential of creating a new home. All the things that i "need" have shown up effortlessly (friends and opportunities showing up)"

Duration: 7 months

Craig is a very resourceful guy and has a great drive to accomplish his goals, but he needed a different approach to building daily momentum. He shed the skeptical mindset, got rid of the "Getting ready to get ready" attitude, and took action. Craig today is more aware of his reaction and taking charge of his life in a confident way. Learning about new tools and techniques helped Craig overcome stressful situations quicker. Having a clearer understanding of events and circumstances and how to approach them with positive outcomes has built Craig’s self-esteem and ruminating over what if’s and self-doubt have gone away.  

Duration: 12 months

Having worked with the client rolling out the "Get Fit First Program", the company was engaged to learn, and results were immediate in the communication and expectation department. Spending time with the workforce on an individual basis also helped them immeasurably with balanced life strategies. Working with the client monthly for one year has seen the growth of the company explode in a Big way 44% year over year and increase its workforce by 25%. This is a massive development for a startup.