Overcome the cost of living your life out of balance


This one is not just another text about the pandemic, its consequences, and new discoveries, this is a post about all of us during these harsh, exhausting times.

Let's just go back a bit: the first case in US - 21st of January, it all seemed like a bad joke back then. But then it all just got out of control. We have never imagined that in the XXI century an unknown virus would just break down the whole planet and stop the world from its normal routine.

By the end of February, we were already in a restriction to travel to several countries as Italy, China and others, but we all hoped it won’t last until summer cause we had our vacations booked already and the sea and the ocean was already waiting for us. Unfortunately, from the, ironically, 13th of March all the real hell started - State of Emergency declared and since then we didn’t live our lives as before. We have all been locked down just like some birds willing to fly are locked in a cage.

Many of us didn’t see their relatives for a long time, some don’t even remember what it’s like to go to the cinema or theatre, or how it feels like to jump up at their favorite concert. But this is it: by now we have 5.21 Millions of positive cases in the US and more than 166 thousand of deaths - we all understand how huge of a phenomenon it is. But besides this, we have another sad statistic: almost 15% unemployment rate in May due to 20.5 million jobs lost in April because of the pandemic.

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Your Wellbeing is the driver of your success

How you feel at any given time directly impacts how you perform. If we don't feel like doing something, chances are we won't. You can live your life here and be stuck in this way of thinking for years and not even know it. Getting out of it is not easy; our ego will resist any change you would or could initiate. The task on the outside is confusing and seems impossible, but on the inside, your higher self is yearning for this; it wants to break free of the chains holding you back from self-discovery and growth.

Most people fail right here and settle for the status quo where things are good but not great, that's for other people. Our logical mind squashes moments of inspiration. In tuff times, your mind will tell you there is no way out. You have to believe in yourself to overcome this. There are many outlets to get information all this information is overwhelming and usually remains in your head a constant mental exercise never really executing on your goals and dreams, ahh this is frustrating.

How to Beat Fatigue

This is the One big reason why I procrastinated on taking action when I wanted to initiate a change. It Was because I wasn't sure of the outcome. So I settled for the status quo knowing at the time my strategy was outdated for me to get what I wanted. To be worth my time, I needed to know for sure it would work. Many stats say mindset is 90% attached to your success rate. In everything you do a diet, fixing a relationship, marriage, parenting etc.if that's the case then you better get a handle on this. I found out that having endless conversations in my head were not working and just giving me a heavy dose of fatigue and anxiety. Anxiety happens when you don’t know what to expect. You have to be on your game to pick this up and if your game needs a bit of polish better identify a skill you need to add and perhaps a habit to break...

Happiness Can Improve Your Health

Happiness is an important ingredient in a healthy life. Many studies indicate that happiness plays a major role in your health, whether it’s living a healthy lifestyle or reducing the amount of chronic pain – happiness is the solution to many health woes.

According to studies, happier people are almost twice as likely to eat more fresh vegetables than people who state that they are not happy. Eating more produce will automatically improve your health overeating a diet high in processed food...

There's just no doubt about it anymore. We're living in times of significant change and uncertainty. For most, this spells trouble, worry, stress, and conflict a part of your daily life.

Far too many people are managing the heavy burdens of things like:

- Financial pressure
- Chronic stress
- Painful relationship conflicts
- Exasperating health challenges
- And more!

Is there a Better Way?

What coaching has done for me

I went through periods in my life where some part of it WASN'T WORKING. I felt like I was doing all the right things but wasn't getting the desired results. I read all the best books, did the affirmations, took the classes, and sought advice, but there would always be something missing. What was missing was the connection between mind, body, and spirit. Now almost a decade later, The Bridge was born out of the desire to create a living blueprint for those in an unexpected transition and those seeking what I sought SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT.

I’ve distilled the teachings lessons practices and techniques of DelPe a world-renowned author healer and modern-day age who personally mentored me I also apprenticed myself to enormously talented teachers and put together a system that gets you fit to take anything that comes your way...