Does this sound like you?

- Overworked and overwhelmed?
Feeling like you are just making it through the day.

- Bored and unhappy in your professional and personal life?
You are just going through the motions.

- Confused on how to move forward in your life?
You are waiting for something else to happen first.

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Do you want to be living your best life?

- Have more energy and time to accomplish the things you are passionate about

- Get clear and calm on how to overcome recurring problems in your daily life

- Spend quality time connecting to your family, friends and loved ones

- Improve your ability to handle stress so you can be more productive at work and home

- Develop more consistency so you can achieve higher performance at work

- Clear out any unfinished business, so you are starting from a position of power, feeling free and ready to move onto your next steps

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As a Life Coach, I will help you

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Experience unshakable confidence and clarity by energizing Ur Well-being®. So you can streamline your life and get back on track.

When you think about getting back on track, you may have thought you would return to how things were before when you were clicking on all cylinders. When you were happy, and everything seemed easy to work, life, your relationships, family, finances, you now will rediscover that feeling once again!

Get back on track!

I've been there...

Twenty years in the corporate world, I was being exposed to the best training and coaching that was going to keep me motivated instead left me drained. I was experiencing mediocrity. I didn't realize it, but my quality of life was going down. I took charge of my life and sought out mentors and teachers that can bridge the gap of my current situation. I was able to end my self-sabotage and internal conflict, and have the ability to act naturally, not an endless task or to-do list! And I did it. I rediscovered the spark!

Changes that stick!

I built a system that is an integrated approach to grow, develop, and change. I helped dozens of professionals who were not sure why they couldn't execute on their goals and families who were having a hard time balancing their relationships.

The approach to solving a problem gives you many options. If the problem becomes a crisis, it is limited in options and is far more expensive, so change before you have to. Be inspired by new approaches, new terminologies, new concepts, and dig a little deeper. It's worth it.

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Graduation life coach

Graduate of the 3-years MDP school studying "Human Power Development"

one on one

One-on-one training with Master Del Pe for the last 7 years and counting

Usually my clients are

Executives & Leaders

Executive life coach
  • Committed to enhancing their life skills
  • Looking to re-energize and reconnect with themselves
  • Improve their problem solving


New parents life coach
  • Overwhelmed parents juggling priorities
  • Don’t know how to move their life forward
  • Relationship is stagnant at home and work


team coaching
  • Lack of consistency
  • Want to improve daily effectiveness
  • Impact performance and compete at a higher level

How this works


Book a FREE clarity call

during which you will uncover hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your success

- Create a crystal clear vision for bridging the gap between the status quo and your true potential

- Leave the session renewed, energized, and inspired.


Using my proven process system

will help you get in better physical and psychological shape; it prepares you to take yourself on and grow, develop and change exponentially, not slow and incrementally. Developing willpower so you can close the gap between ambition and execution.

The stages are crucial to your success. Designed in a way to assure you get results and build on the momentum and leading to a healthier, happier, more productive you. 

The length of each coaching engagement varies and is based on each individuals client's needs.


Feel again in control

of your personal and professional life. Fostering shifts in thinking reveal fresh perspectives.

Having control over what pattern is controlling you, will give you opportunities to respond rather than react, gaining a clearer understanding of events, circumstances, and approaching them with positive outcomes.

Start now. Book a free call

Success stories

testimonial 4

Greg Castano

Chief Executive Officer

"I was recently laid off from a job I had for 25 years. I partnered with Tom with the hopes of landing on my feet again. With a refreshed sense of motivation and a clear understanding of where I was starting my new life, I began to notice incremental growth on both a personal and opportunity level.

I worked with Tom for 6 months and now have started a new job with a start-up company I am CEO of - NewsDirect."

testimonial 2

Margaretha H.

Real Estate Broker

"His listening skills are unmatched. He can hone in on what the real issue is at hand.

I wouldn't be where I am today without my time spent with Tom. 

His teaching is invaluable to anyone who wants to improve their situation."

testimonial 3

Guy Vantresca

Board member Institute for Spirituality in Healthcare

"Whether you're at the top of your game, just muddling through, or down at the bottom of the ladder, the work of Thomas Scally will help you raise the level of success in any endeavor.

I highly recommend this system which I believe is an excellent synthesis of Eastern and Western thought, bringing the best of both worlds to the challenges of life in this modern world."